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Fr. Carl McCarthy


Fr. Carl McCarthy / Ext. 222

People often ask me what I do as a pastor? My role is to teach, preach and sanctify.

Associate Pastor

Fr. Julio Barrera / Ext. 236

I trust in God’s love, mercy and providence.

Music Minister

Denise Whittington / Ext. 226

As a Minister of Music, my role is to allow musicians of all ages to use their gifts to celebrate and communicate God’s presence in worship.

Ashley Wilkerson

Stewardship Minister

Ashley Wilkerson / Ext. 239

My favorite prayer is the prayer that never fails… “Thy will be done.”

Rick Rhodes

Outreach Minister

Rick Rhodes / Ext. 247

I see myself trying to share the love of Jesus with all those we encounter. It’s an awesome job!

Maintenance Minister

Kelly Ward / Ext. 241

We are a church where everyone gets involved.

Cindi Hoppe

Parish Caretaker

Cindi Hoppe 

God comes first in my heart and in my home and my family fills the rest of my heart to its fullest.

Debbie Luedke

Sunday Matters Minister

Debbie Leudke / Ext. 242

To celebrate the Paschal Mystery of our Lord and to receive the Eucharist, this is why Sunday Matters!

April Dickens

Administration Minister

April Dickens / Ext. 221

I see my ministry as an important part of the parish life because it helps to further the Kingdom of God by ensuring the gifts that are bestowed upon the parish are cared for.

Youth Minister

Aynde Bennett / Ext. 224

I love watching the Holy Spirit work through our youth to accomplish great things for the glory of God.