3 Generations of Faith Formation Catechists

 by Susan Montalvo-Gesser

We have three generations of our family currently teaching in Sts. Joseph and Paul’s Faith Formation program and I am so grateful to be part of that group. I started teaching Faith Formation at Sts. Joseph and Paul about eight years ago when my oldest daughter, Jackie, was in 4th grade. I tried to make learning about faith fun and those kids, who are now about to be seniors in high school, make me so proud! They are such great examples of love, stewardship and faith. When Jackie decided that she wanted to go back to Public School a few years ago, we agreed that she would become a catechist in the faith formation program at church. Now my mom, Donna Montalvo, (who taught CCD at Lourdes in the 1970’s) is the Aide in her class! The two of them make a great Granddaughter-Grandma team! I am so blessed to get to see what they do. The volunteer catechists we have are unbelievable. They give of their time to teach and live our faith for the future of our Church. It was a Faith Formation catechist that acknowledged my JoJo’s “old soul” and made my son Michael treat the Eucharist with such reverence. So we, as parents, are the first and best teachers of the faith. But if you feel especially generous, you can share that faith with a group of children on Wednesday night who, whether they know it or not, are eager to know who they are, why they believe, and are desperate for knowledge of the Church’s teachings in the very challenging world in which they are living. So I invite you to join our three generations of catechists for our next generation of leaders at Sts. Joseph and Paul!