Fr. Carl pic 2015In my office I have a sign that hangs on the wall above my writing desk that reads, “Let us be silent that we may hear the whisper of God.”  Every so often as I am writing, and busy preparing for one thing or another, I will glance up and see those words.  Often these words will serve as a gentle reminder to stop and to hear what God’s voice is saying to me.
These days of Christmas can be very busy days for each of us.  Easily we can become wrapped up in the doing of Christmas and forget about the why of Christmas. As we move into these days of Christmas I offer these words to you, so that you can hear what God is wanting to whisper in the ears of your heart.
I would encourage us all to take some quiet time from all the activities of Christmas. A couple of suggestions would be to sit in the presence of your nativity scene, or in the silent glow of your Christmas tree, and listen to hear what gift God wants you to receive this Christmas. As the Son of God is born again into our world he has a special gift for each of us, but we need to stop and hear God tells us what gift He is wanting us to receive.
I pray you each have a blessed and Merry Christmas,
Fr. Carl McCarthy