Fr. Carl pic 2015
When I go to the water faucet to get a glass of water to drink, or to turn it on for a shower, or even to wash my car, I always know that there is going to be clean water. I easily takeDisplaying IMG_2199.JPG for granted this gift that runs freely from the faucet that refreshes and cleanses me.  On my recent mission trip to visit our Twining Parish of St. Joseph in Lalomas, Haiti, I was again reminded of the precious gift of water. I saw this as we were getting ready to train some 20 women for the “Water with Blessings” project. For the training the facilitator needed water to demonstrate how the water filter system worked.
The only place you can get water is from the broken pipes that run through the river bottom, which is a half-a-mile walk from the rectory.  With four missionaries and a dozen Haitians, we took three, five gallon jugs to the river to fill them with water. When we reached the river, which was almost dry, there was a broken six inch PVC pipe that runs through the river and carries water from the mountain to the people below. It was at this broken pipe where the Haitians showed us how to take a bucket, fill it with water and then fill the jugs. With the jugs full of water, the Haitians then put them on their head and carried them back to the rectory.
 Displaying IMG_2200.JPGYou can see in these pictures the process that must be gone through to bring the precious gift of water from the river to the house. This is a process that Haitians do every day and if they are fortunate to have a filter, or they can treat their water it can then be used for drinking.  Over the past two years our parish has been able to distribute 200 “Water with Blessings” filters to the woman of Lalomas.  These woman are trained in how to clean the water and how to distribute it to five other families. Because of your generosity we are bringing clean water to Haiti and the Haitians are grateful.  After seeing what the Haitians have to do to bring water into their homes, I am even more grateful for how easy it is for me to go to the faucet and get clean water.
In Peace,
Fr. Carl