This may be showing my age, but do you remember where the first Wal-Mart store was located in Owensboro? If my memory serves me correctly, it was located in what is now the Hobby Lobby store, just off of south Frederica Street.  One of the things that I remember about shopping at that old store was the Wal-Mart Greeter. It was usually an older man or woman whose job was to stand at the front door and greet you by saying, “Welcome to Wal-Mart.” I always thought that was the coolest thing that Wal-Mart had a greeter. But after the two new stores were built in town, the Wal-Mart Greeter disappeared and walking into Wal-Mart just didn’t seem to be the same. However, recently the Wal-Mart Corporation brought back the greeter.  I guess they learned that a hello and “Welcome to Wal-Mart” sells more than they thought!  Here at Sts. Joseph and Paul Parish we know the value of a having a greeter at our doors to welcome people into our church.  Our greeters serve in several ways as they help to open the doors, hand out a worship guide, and say “Welcome to Sts. Joseph and Paul Parish.” We are blessed with several parishioners who serve
in this ministry as a Greeter and we are grateful to each and every one of them and the service that they give to our parish.  I have come to learn that hospitality is one of the key pieces to reaching out to the lost, who we call “Owen” S. Boro, and growing our parish. When a person who is a first time visitor feels welcome at our doors, there is a very good chance that they will come back and visit us again.  It is because we realize the value of hospitality at our doors that we want to expand it to our parking lots. We want create that feeling of welcome and hospitality to those who visit our church as soon as they drive into one of our parking lots. It is because of this
that we are launching a new ministry called Parking Lot Ministers.  I believe that in our parish having Parking Lot Ministers is even more important, because of the several parking lots that we have and the one-way streets that exist around our church. We want to be there in that parking lot, so that as soon as a new person pulls onto our campus, we can welcome them and direct them into our church. This welcome will assist in their overall Sunday worship experience with us and will encourage them to return the following Sunday.  Finally, I want to thank our Parish Pastoral Council with helping us to launch this new ministry. Moreover, I want to ask others to join us in this important ministry. You can volunteer by emailing our Sunday Matters Minister, Debbie Luedke, at or by calling her at 270-683-5641 ext 242.
Fr. Carl McCarthy