This information was submitted by the parishioners who accepted their PPC nomination.

Lisa Ladnier
     I have been married to Josh for 17 years.  We have four girls, Elizabeth(15), Emma(13), Molly (9), and Anne (7).  I graduated from Catholic High in 1995, and from Brescia in 1999.  I work at West Louisville Elementary School.
Sts. Joseph and Paul is a vibrant, welcoming parish.  Every member is encouraged to use their gifts and participate.  I believe that it is very important to welcome and include everyone.
I am a good listener.  I am open to new ideas.  I am friendly and welcoming to everyone.

Jane Lindow
     I am a mother of two adult children, Derrick and Rachel, wife of Tony, and grandmother to Ezra.  Tony and I were married at Sts. Joseph & Paul.  I have been retired for almost a year, after teaching for roughly 30 years.  At the present time I am hoping to return to teaching.
Sts. Joseph & Paul is such a welcoming parish, which is crucial to the ministry of bringing people closer to Jesus.  Father Carl provides strong leadership and keeps the church focused on its mission.  The church staff is also committed to providing leadership to serve Jesus and the members of Sts. Joseph & Paul.
I have a love for Jesus and a desire to be used to help others know Him.  I have so much to be thankful for, and serving on the Parish Pastoral Council is just a small way for me to enhance my relationship with Jesus.

Freda Rhodes
     I have been a member of Sts. Joseph & Paul for thirty years.  Rick and I were married at a young age and will soon celebrate 46 years of marriage.  We have 3 sons and seven “gorgeous” grandchildren.  I was a stay at home mom for 15 years before beginning my career in banking.  I worked as an assistant manager at what is now Chase Bank for 28 years.  I retired in October, 2015.  I have been abundantly blessed.
I feel the greatest strength of our parish is our faith and love of Our Lord and Savior.  This love is reflected in our care for one another, the poor, the sick, the homeless and the lost.  The power of the Holy Spirit is truly alive as we praise God in Sunday liturgies.
I feel the qualities I have acquired through the years of management will be an asset.  This would include the ability to work closely with a variety of personalities, my organizational skills, and my attention to details.  I’m sure the Holy Spirit will provide whatever is needed.

Megan Storm
     I have been happily married for 1 year.  I just became a Catholic this year.  We have 2 kids, Ryan and MacKenzie. I work as a child provider along with being a mom.  I love every minute of it.
I believe  the strength of the Parish is being open to the community.
The God given gift I would bring to the Council is being the woman God wants me to be.  Also, the experience I have had in setting up a mission trip.

Laura Young
     My family is from Morganfield, and I grew up attending St. Ann School and Church.  I lived in Henderson for several years before moving toOwensboro in 2006 to study Social Work at Brescia University.  I also hold a Master of Science in Social Work from the University of Louisville.  I currently work as a psychotherapist with Dr. Silva and Associates in Henderson.  I have two adult children, Kindle and Bryce, and one grandson, Karson.  I am passionate about personal growth, and empowering and inspiring others to tap into their greatness to fulfill their God-given purpose and destiny.
The greatest strength of this parish is its people.  I see this as a community of believers on fire for Christ, led by the Spirit, committed to being His Hands and Feet while growing internally, as well as with the outreach ministries, and speaking the universal language of LOVE. This parish is vibrant.  It is alive and it is flourishing.
I consider myself passionate, enthusiastic, and a team player.  I feel that God has gifted me with an ability to connect with people and to be a good listener and effective communicator.  I have leadership experience as well as decision making and problem-solving skills.  I have vision and am able to see the small details.  Most importantly, I have a genuine love and deep devotion to my Catholic faith, and a calling, I believe, to share the beauty and richness of Catholicism with others.

John Henderson
     I retired from Project Management (Construction Industry).  I have been a parish member since 2010.  My wife, Amanda, was raised and educated in Sts. Joseph & Paul Parish.
Strengths of the parish are community and fellowship with all our parishioners.  There is a deep, spiritual caring & commitment to those less fortunate than us, including our sister parish in Haiti, the residents of St. Ben’s Homeless Shelter, the local community near St. Joseph & Paul, and our support of all who are helped by St. Vincent de Paul.
Experience- Management of large construction projects up to 24 men, including hiring, training, budget schedule, safety regulations requirement.  Participation in multiple ministries-block party volunteer, member of spiritual life team, bereavement meal team, St. Ben’s 4th Sunday team, and a trained St. Ben’s companion.  Koinonia Participant & Team member, Journey Home participant in 2010, completed Arise program, and am currently in Bible Study small group.
Financially support: Parish, Haiti Student/teacher, Haiti water with blessings, and St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Winthrop “Windy”  Kretman
     I am married to Diana Kretman.  We have 2 daughters and 5 granddaughters. I retired from Kentucky State Police with 20 years of service.  I retired from The Army Reserves with 32 years of service.  I became an educator after retiring from KSP, and taught “at risk” kids.  I retired from DCPS as a Central Office administrator after 18 years.  I was a case manager for Sunrise Children’s  Services.  We have attended Mass at Sts. Joseph & Paul since Christmas, 2013, and joined the church this past Easter.  I volunteer 2-4 days per week helping Kelly & Cindy with Church maintenance.  We attended Koinonia this year and are currently completing RCIA.
Strengths:  Father Carl, involvement with the community, diverse congregation, friendly welcoming parishioners, congregation’s involvement in all parish activities, the feel that everyone is family.
I have never met a stranger, and always remember names and faces.  I am always willing to extend my hand to help anyone with anything.  I have exceptional organizational skills, and pay attention to detail.  I am friendly and non-judgmental toward everyone.  I am retired and have made volunteering here my part-time job.  I love the fellowship at Sts. Joseph & Paul.

 Katie Mazariegos
     My name is Katie Mazariegos. My husband and I were married here at Sts. Joseph and Paul by Fr. Carl almost a year ago (June 13th). We live inOwensboro with our dog Maggie, who we adopted this past July. This is my 4th year as a Spanish teacher and I currently teach with Owensboro Public Schools.  My job is definitely a challenge at times, but by the end of the day I love my kids. This summer I am taking a group of students toCosta Rica and we are so excited for them to have this opportunity!
Strengths: Sts. Joseph and Paul is a great church and I believe our biggest strength is community. We have a great sense of community that I have felt from my first day attending mass here. Many people are able to greet me by name, which was nice having come from a much larger church. There are also so many opportunities to serve our church as well as our surrounding community with events like the block party. I also feel that Fr. Carl and our parishioners are very welcoming to everyone, even if they may not share our Catholic faith.
I have a lot of passion and enthusiasm for everything I do. I am especially passionate about helping others and making everyone feel welcome. I love coming up with new ideas and collaborating with others on projects. The past couple of years I have felt in my heart that God has wanted me to contribute in some way to our church community but I wasn’t quite sure what. I have recently become involved in an ad hoc committee to increase involvement of our members in our church and have really enjoyed working with my fellow church members and felt that maybe this is just the beginning and further involvement for myself!

Eric Humphrey
     We are new members of the church and have lived in Owensboro for a year.  I have gone through the RCIA  program.
Strengths : the outreach to the community.  Sts Joseph and Paul is very welcoming to visitors and new members.  The leadership of the church is very strong.
Gifts:  Being able to work with the leaders and other members of the council to improve our parish.

Brad Carter
     I converted to Catholicism one year ago. My wife, Mellissa, and I have six children that we home school.  The parish has a heart for God’s people. You can see this through the work done in Haiti and here in our own community. I am passionately devoted to the growth of Christ’s church on Earth and preserving our rich Catholic faith and traditions.

James L. Vinson
     I have been a member of St. Joseph and Paul for 15+ years. I have been married to my wife for about 14 years. I serve as a Eucharistic minister, men’s prayer group, past pastoral council. I have seen St Joseph & Paul grow over the years and would like to see it to continue to grow. I see our church always helping others in need. We have grown and we continue to open the door to all who need us. We are friendly and we offer Christ to all who want to know him.  The gifts I would bring is to serve as an instrument for sharing the mission of Jesus and proclaim his gospel. Build his community through the liturgy, provide direction to the community, based on the mission of Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit in our parish.

Joe Hamilton
     I wish to do more of God’s will in our Church than just sitting among  the congregation week to week. I pray that I can be of service to our church and or the church.  Kara and I have 4 children between us and 6 grandchildren.  We attend church numerous times each week. We are in love with God and wish to give to the church the love and honor that is in our hearts. First and foremost my number one strength would be Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. Secondly would be the Blessed Mother and thirdly would be our Parish Priests,  Fathers Carl & Al Brenner, of which lead us in prayer an mass daily. Last but not least the Rosary Prayer each day. I will bring  prayer, kindness, honesty, and love to everyone who needs it.  I will also have an open ear to anyone who desires to talk. I am willing to give  my  time to further  the mission of Christ.

Belinda Abell
     I have been a member of Saints Joseph and Paul since 2004 and have served on Stewardship Committee, Activities Committee and I also serve as Lector and Eucharistic Minister. I am involved in our community through several organizations; Aid the Homeless, Girls inc., YMCA and our local Chamber. My daughter Mariah also attends Saints Joseph and Paul and is working on her Master’s Degree.  I am a 1989 graduate of Kentucky Wesleyan College and I own Impact Marketing Consultants.  God has blessed me with the gifts of problem solving, team building, planning, organization, and promotion.

Our parish is dedicated to extending God’s hand to those less fortunate and those seeking a place and family to worship with.  Our parishioners love and care for each other and seek a closer relationship with Jesus. I have never seen a greater capacity for caring for our fellow man than at Sts. Joseph and Paul.


Barry Cecil
I am from Owensboro, went to St. Joe & Paul school, and graduated from Catholic High.  I have a masters from Eastern Kentucky in Automation Mfg.  I am a widower since 2003.  I take care of my disabled mother JoAnn Cecil.
I believe our Stewardship is the backbone of our parish.  The love, care, and concern for the sick and suffering is another thing that stands out.  We are a community that comes together to worship the Eucharist and reaches out to Owen S. Boro.
Time is my greatest gift currently that I am able to provide.  I also have compassion, understanding and a passionate desire  to walk with Christ.