October 8, 2017~ Witness

If you take a look at the bulletin cover today you will notice that Sts. Joseph and Paul will be hosting a diocesan-wide prayer service this coming Wednesday evening at 7:00 pm in support of migrants and refugees. Pope Francis kicked off a world-wide campaign on September 27th urging the Catholic Church to “Share the Journey” with our brothers and sisters who have left their homelands to seek a better life for themselves and their families. What better way is there to witness to others than choosing to attend this powerful prayer service and showing support for one another?

Each Sunday at our Spanish Masses, Sts. Joseph and Paul welcomes many migrant workers and we are glad to be able to have a faith community and Mass that speak the same language and share culture and traditions. Recently, Fr. Julio Barrera coordinated a meal and free health screenings for them at our Parish Hall following the noon Mass. The Hispanic community came together to serve a delicious meal and several parishioners who are doctors, nurse practitioners and translators offered free blood pressure and blood sugar checks, and overall health screenings.

We are thankful to have a loving and caring parish family that reaches out to all and welcomes them as our own!

~Ashley Wilkerson