November 5, 2017 Weekly Witness

By: Jimmy and Georgia Coomes

To the parishioners of Sts. Joseph and Paul: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! We can’t begin to tell you what a wonderful gift you are to the people of Lalomas, Haiti. Whether it’s a financial contribution, sponsorship of a child, prayers, the water project, medicine for washing their heads, medical supplies, or paying for the much wanted and needed education, YOU are truly a blessing for these people, and WE want to thank you! We recently went on the Haiti mission trip to our twinning parish St Joseph and it was a trip of a lifetime. Never in our 60 years of life could we imagine what we were about to see and experience. This was LIFE-CHANGING… Close your eyes for a moment and imagine: living in a 10×10 house, dirt floors, no electricity, no oven, no refrigerator, wondering where your next meal is coming from and drinking, bathing, and washing clothes in the same river. THIS IS THEIR LIFE, but they are proud of what they do have. We want to share one of our most memorable experiences with you. These people loved and respected us and welcomed us with open arms. We could just feel the love. It’s a tradition for the missionaries to walk up the BIG mountain the evening before they leave Lalomas. Fifty or so children walked with us and stayed right by our sides, holding on to our hands and arms, and helping us in any way they could to get us to the TOP of the mountain. We were lagging behind the rest of the pack. Five or six children noticed us and stayed back with us while we rested. They sat down beside us, as close as they could get, and never left our side. When we decided it was time to go back, they grabbed our hands and helped us up as we started back down the mountain. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that mean the most. At that moment, and many others during the trip, we knew these people would never leave our sides, no matter what! Love, love, love is what we have in our hearts for these people of Haiti. Whatever we can do for them, we will never leave their side!