Fr. Carl McCarthy

As we are on the second Sunday of January in 2018 there are some items that I would like to bring to your attention in this New Year. I would hope that you would all work to support these items by your prayer, but also by your attendance. Happy New Year, Fr. Carl McCarthy

1. The new Preaching Series “Cornerstone” continues throughout the month of January. The focus of this preaching will be on moving from thinking less about “me” and more about “we” in 2018. We can make this move by keeping Jesus Christ the Cornerstone of our lives.

2. There is a Sunday Potluck Brunch set for this Sunday, January 14 after the 10am Mass. We all like breakfast, we all like lunch, so why not brunch. The Sunday Potluck Brunch will begin around 11:15am in the Parish Hall, which will be open before the 10am Mass so you can drop your brunch dish off. So come and enjoy the food, fun and fellowship of the New Year with our parish family.

3. This Sunday we will be gathering in the church at 4pm and praying the Rosary for Dianne West, who is suffering with Cancer. I know there are many in our community and families who are sick with cancer, heart, Alzheimer’s and lung disease. Before the Rosary begins any of us who are there will be invited to come forward and write their name in our Book of Prayer, so that we can hold all the sick up in a special way asking Jesus to touch them with compassion and healing.

4. Next Saturday our parish is hosting a “Couples in Christ” retreat for both engaged and married couples. To date we have 10 couples registered. I will be leading this retreat day and I would ask that you remember this retreat in prayer throughout the week, especially next Saturday. Your prayer is much appreciated.

5. Our 25th Koinonia Retreat will be happening this Lent, February 23, 24, and 25 here in our parish. Koinonia is a meaningful retreat all on it’s own, but this one will be most meaningful, as it is our parish’s 25th Koinonia Retreat – which is truly something to celebrate. I would like to encourage anyone in our parish who has not been on a Koinonia Retreat to make this one. To sign up you can go to our parish website at www.stjpc.org, locate the Koinonia #25 graphic and click to register. Lent is a great time to make a retreat and to go deeper with Jesus.

6. In addition to our Koinonia #25 Retreat we are calling on all of those who have worked on a past retreat weekend to help out with this one. All Koinonia Retreats are special, but I want us to work to make this one extra special. To do this, we need all past Koinonia participants to assist in adding to the spirit of this weekend in some way, shape or form. To sign up to help, contact our Lay Leaders: Susannah Webb or Allison Webb at 270315-9253, you can also go to our Facebook Page and let us know that you want to help there. They will be delighted to hear from you.