Love is a Stream That Flows from God

Love of God. Love of neighbor. Easy to talk about but difficult to live out. In spite of the effort, love of each in action will change us and our surroundings. Fidelity to God and charity toward others will challenge others to action. I
used to visit an elderly woman who was home bound and living in an apartment in the great city of Rome, she told me she spent a few minutes every day looking through the window facing the main street, She did it not to pass time but because she prayed for every person who walked on the side walk, or traveled in the car, bus or tram and she would commend everyone to our Lord and pray that God bring them back home safe.

I thought, what a wonderful way of living the commandment of the love of God and love of neighbor! She taught me not to wait for great things to do, but to start from small daily ordinary things. Take advantage of every moment that you have to share the love. Love is a stream that flows from God to me, from me to my neighbor, from my neighbor back to God. Love of God lives every waking moment of the day. Love of our neighbor extends beyond our family and friends to strangers, especially to the poor, the sick, and the sinner. It knows no national borders, class distinctions or barriers of any kind, because God knows no such impediments.

Prayer: How many times I have requested you Lord: teach me to love you with all my heart, all my soul and all my mind. And to love others. Help me to love myself too because very often I am hard on myself, I don’t like or understand myself, I am rigid to myself when it comes to my defects and limits…then I do the same with others. Lord, how difficult it is to love! Lord, you are my Master and I know that I can do it with your help because you don’t ask me if you haven’t given me. Thank you because you love me always in spite of all my shortcoming and failures. Yes, I too can love! Help me lord to change the love that I have within me in to concrete gestures of love and harmony.

~Fr. Augusty