The Lord Will Welcome Us Home

After a long journey, away from home, how good it is to know that there is someone waiting for us at home. The very thought that someone is waiting for us fills our senses.  Perhaps both parties will be counting down the hours that are keeping them away from one another. The one who is waiting may not even sleep until they can embrace the other. The time of waiting prepares for the encounter and gives meaning and purpose to the time, softens and warms up the heart.

Today there are many who live without bothering to wait for anyone or to be waited for by someone. They just let the time pass without even knowing that there will be a time that there is going to be an encounter. They are moving towards, without knowing, to the dead end of their lives. This is the drama of the world without God, a world that wants to keep God away and ignore the truth that the Bridegroom will return. A world that has lost the longing for heaven, a world that is so busy in making artificial heavens that cannot quench the thirst of the human soul for the Infinite.

But at midnight, there was a cry,“ Behold, the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!” (Matthew 25:6). Yes, He comes. Awake, awake immediately make yourself to be found waiting at the door of your house to welcome him. Let him find you waiting with your lamps lit; with faith, hope and love. Call your neighbors and be the echo of that good news ‘Behold, the bridegroom! Come out to meet him! So that many others can prepare themselves to welcome him in their lives. Call everyone to this waiting that may not know tiredness even if the Bridegroom is late in arriving.

If our life is not a waiting for the Lord who is coming, then what is our life? Light your lamps and run to meet him. Leave behind you all that is superfluous but don’t forget to take along with you what is necessary: the oil of faith and the wick of love and the lighter of hope. The time is close at hand so don’t postpone for tomorrow what you must do today. Each one is going to be responsible for himself and each one has to say yes to God because to each one he would ask: Have you been waiting for me? During our journey here on earth, others can help us and we can help others. Our personal witness and fraternal love and prayers are important, but at that moment, at midnight, we will not have enough time to ask anyone anything.  We can count on only what we have in our heart. Do you have enough in your heart to win the night and enter into the wedding feast along with the Bridegroom?  Jesus is asking us to wait and He assures us that he will come.

 Prayer:  Lord Jesus, I am waiting to see you and I want to run towards you with a longing heart to be in your loving arms! Lord, like the one who fell in love with the other waiting for the time to see each other, I am waiting to see you. How beautiful it is to know that you are there for me and waiting for that moment to embrace me and make me to hear your heartbeats. You may see me a bit tired, but I will be happy to know that I made it. As I wait and imagine this meeting, there is only one thing that saddens my heart: Is it true that someone will be left out and would not be able to participate in the great joy? For the joy of both of us, Lord help me to do something so that all may be able to meet you with.

~Fr. Augusty