Fr. Carl pic 2015    I remember as a kid that mom would always ask us to put together our Christmas wish list, so that Santa would know exactly what to have under the tree for us on Christmas morning. The way that I would put my wish list together was by using the JCPenney and Sears catalogs. With pen and paper in hand, I would thumb through the pages of the catalogs and write down on my wish list what I wanted Santa to bring me for Christmas. It is with this idea of the Christmas wish list that we are beginning a new preaching series here at Sts. Joseph and Paul Parish for the four Sundays of Advent. This preaching series is called, “Is God on your wish list this Christmas?” I believe that this preaching series is something that is relative to us all, because a Christmas wish list isn’t something that is only used by kids, as we grow up and become adults, we all have a Christmas wish list. On that list are things that we really want – a new smartphone or a new set of golf clubs. But there are also things on that list that we believe we really need – a new winter coat or a new pair of shoes. At the heart of this Advent Preaching Series is that as we are preparing for Christmas, and thinking about what it is that we most want on our Christmas wish list we not leave God off of it. For I believe with the busyness of these days leading up to Christmas, our attention can easily be on all the things that our society says we need to accomplish for Christmas – the shopping, decorating, cleaning, cooking, parties, and travels. With all of this on our minds, we can easily neglect God and forget to have Him as the most important part of who we are as Christians. It is my hope with this Advent Preaching Series, and with the help of the Sacred Scriptures, that I can assist us in keeping God front and center in our lives. It is also my hope that if we put God on our Christmas wish list that when Christmas day comes, there is a greater sense of fulfillment, which doesn’t come from the things of the world, but comes from our faith in Jesus Christ, who will be born again.

Have a Blessed Advent,

Fr. Carl