Happy 106th Birthday Alma Montgomery


Sts. Joseph and Paul’s oldest parishioner, Alma Montgomery, will celebrate her 106th Birthday on Monday, January 15, 2018. Alma is the older sister of another long-time parishioner, Birdie Wedding. The sisters will be celebrating Alma’s momentous birthday on Sunday at the Carmel Home with about 106 of their closest friends and family!

On a recent visit with Alma, she expressed her love for Sts. Joseph and Paul Parish and admired recent pictures of the church beautifully decorated for Christmas. She proudly proclaimed that she was the oldest member of our parish. Although she would like to be able to attend Mass at Sts. Joseph and Paul, it is much more convenient for her to go to the Carmel Home Chapel which is only steps from her room.

Alma was recently featured in an article in the Messenger-Inquirer that recounted some of her shenanigans as a younger woman: trying to churn butter in a washing machine, putting shelled peas through the washing machine’s wringer and sleeping in her school clothes so she could be the first sibling dressed and downstairs in the mornings. Alma is the third of ten children and Birdie is the 9th. They, along with their younger brother, are the three surviving siblings of their family.

We give thanks for Alma and Birdie and their commitment to their Catholic faith and we pray for their continued good health and many more birthdays!