I believe it was on my second trip to visit Fr. Eveneau, who is the pastor of our Twinning Parish of St. Joseph in Lalomas, Haiti. We were on the 8 hour road trip back from Lalomas to the Port-au-Prince airport to catch our flight to the States. It was one of those rare moments when Fr. Eveneau and I were riding alone together in the front cab of the truck.  As we rode along, I was taking advantage of the rare alone time with him and asking questions about what it was like to be a priest in Haiti. One of the things that he told me was that he doesn’t receive a pay check for his ministry and work. Not from his parish, not from his diocese, from no one. I asked him then, how do you get paid? He said, “I am a missionary priest, and I depend on the goodwill of others to help me with money.”  His response was sobering and one that I have thought about again and again, because as a priest of the United States, I get paid monthly. My salary is set by the diocese and through the generosity of the people of this parish, I get a monthly paycheck that in turn I use to help fund my needs. Though my paycheck is not going to make me rich, it is certainly adequate and I don’t want for anything.  I would like to thank the people of this parish for the financial generosity that you have shown to Fr. Eveneau and his parishioners in Haiti. Your kindness has helped us to establish suitable salaries for the 51 teachers that we pay monthly and you help to provide the funding for a seminarian. Moreover, your kindness helps us to pay Fr. Eveneua a monthly salary as well, something that I am very proud of.  A few days after Christmas, Fr. Eveneau sent us a thank you letter that I am sharing as a conclusion to this column. As you will read in the letter, he is most grateful to all of those who generously give to this Haiti Mission. Without you they would not be able to survive as they are today. Finally, Fr. Eveneua will be making his annual visit to our parish from January 26 – 31, and he will be at all the masses on the weekend of January 28th and 29th. Together let us look forward to his visit.
– Fr. Carl McCarthy


Dear friends,
The night of the Lord approaches. It will come up the night in which the world will fall the knees. What a beautiful incomparable night! So
many graces given to us on earth.  O night, O night divine.  Thanks to welcome the peace, the joy and love that the Lord spreads out to us on that day. With Jesus, you continue to plant in our parish in Lalomas joy, peace, and love.  We are greatly proud to have you all as friends, brothers and sisters.  With you, the church, the schools, the kids, the parents, the parishioners share much hope. I, father Eveneau, have no word to express my joy. No word to express our exploit.  We are feeling very blessed to have you visit us and to help us. We also are sure that you are find in that relationship. For all of you and your parishes together, we will be praying, celebrating, and enjoying Christmas. We will appreciate if you pray for us in that special night.  Thanks to make sing with joy our parish. Just in case we have no touch again before Christmas, all of our parishioners, teachers and students, wish you a Merrily Christmas and an happy New Year 2017.
Father Jean Eveneau Antoine for Saint Joseph parish, Lalomas.
I love you Envoyé de mon