This Sunday at all the Masses we heard from two of our parishioners, Kindle Young and Aynde Bennett, the good news that they will be leading our Christeens Youth Ministry. The kick-off date for our Christeens Youth Ministry is next Sunday, March 12, from 4 pm – 5:30 pm in the Youth House. This Christeens Youth Ministry
is for 7th and 8th grades as well as High School. I am very happy that these two have willingly stepped forward and offered their gifts and talents to help and minister to the youth of our parish. As a part of this bulletin column this Sunday is a note and further invitation from both of these youth leaders, Kindle Young and Aynde Bennett.
                                             In Peace,
                                                 Fr. Carl

Hello, everyone! My name is Kindle Young. I am from Owensboro, KY and am a graduate of Owensboro Catholic High School. I have one son, age 5, and am currently pursuing a degree in Social Work.  I have been working closely with youth ages 12-18 at the Mary Kendall Home, here in Owensboro, for the last 2.5 years. In doing this work, I have seen first-hand how many young people lack a relationship with Christ. This, and my own personal experience, fuels my passion for this ministry.
Last August, I began leading Faith Formation and cultivating relationships with our youth here at Sts. Joe and Paul. Many have expressed to me they want to do more. Kim Tignor, who oversees Faith Formation, put me in contact with Aynde Bennett, and I’m so thankful she did.
 And Hello, everyone! My name is Aynde Bennett. My family moved to Owensboro in 2008 and became members of Sts Joseph and Paul in 2008. I have a husband, Tony, and 3 children, Isabella, Michael and Aidan. I am an abysmal homemaker and the world’s okayest mom.  Over the past few years, since my youngest started school, I have looked for ways that I could use my time and talents to serve my faith community. I said I would do anything as long as it didn’t involve baking or teaching. I have found many ways to serve our parish.  However, I noticed a need in our parish for a place for our Youth to pray, serve and grow in their faith. I mentioned to Fr. Carl that something was needed and before I knew it I was introduced to Kindle Young, had a couple of meetings, panicked, prayed, and here I stand before you today.  Together, we are very excited to announce a new
beginning to our ChrisTeens Youth Ministry, focusing on prayer, scripture, service, and FUN! Beginning March 12th at 4 p.m. in the Youth House, we will eat pizza and start something wonderful. On this day, and the Sundays that follow, our ChrisTeens will be invited to attend ChrisTeens at 4 pm and Mass with us at 6 pm, if they have not gone earlier in the weekend.  As Catholics, it’s necessary we be reminded that our Church, mighty as she may be, is on loan to us from our children and our grandchildren.
Thank You,
Kindle Young and Aynde Bennett
ChrisTeens Youth Coordinators
Contact Information:
Kindle:(270) 993-5669  e-mail:
Aynde: (270) 240-7090 e-mail: