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In buying Christmas gifts are you an early shopper or do you wait until the last minute? This year I took the opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping, but for some of those people on my list I have a hard time knowing just what they might like or need.  If you have someone like that on your list, and you are just not sure what to get them, could I suggest that you give them the gift of a Haiti Student sponsorship. It is the right size, and for the price, you can’t go wrong. You can purchase a Haiti Student Sponsorship for $240 for 1 year. This sponsorship gift will go directly to help support a school teacher in our Twinning Parish of St. Joseph in Lalomas, Haiti.  To help you to know more about this Haiti Student Sponsorship I am sharing this Sunday’s bulletin column with Lavida Mischel. Lavida has been on 6 of our mission trips to visit our Twinning Parish of St. Joseph in Haiti. In this piece she is sharing some of her mission story, and an invitation to be a part of this exciting mission project, where we are changing lives through the gift of an education. Moreover, there will be some of our Haiti Missionaries at the doors of the church after mass if you would like to purchase this perfect Christmas gift of a Haiti Student Sponsorship.
Have a Blessed Advent,
Fr. Carl

lavidaThe ♥ cannot feel, what the eyes do not see . . .

As I write this, my grandson, Creek, is watching “Wheels on the Bus” on the computer. He has not a care in the world. His smiles, laughter and song fill the room. I am extremely thankful for his good health (chubby cheeks and full belly), his financially stable family, and a pre-school that will teach him in the near future. I do not take these things for granted. I have been to Haiti. The eye of my heart has witnessed . . . the need of the poor.  Micheline has a 12 month old baby who plays in the dirt. No diaper, snotty nosed, her slightly orange hair (lack of vitamins) is thin upon her small head. Her body is smaller than most 1 year olds. Has the baby eaten today? What is the child’s future ? Can we even imagine the pain Micheline must be feeling not being able to feed her child on a regular basis?  The heart cannot feel what the eyes have not seen.  2012 began our relationship. As you know, Sts. Joseph & Paul missionaries do not go to Haiti to build a house and then leave. We do not go to paint a school and then leave. No . . . we are sent by the Holy Spirit to care and love the people of Lalomas. Our relationship is a reflection of the gospel, Matthew 25. Our hope is that Micheline’s one year old child will come to know our parish family as a spiritual and supportive piece of her childhood and beyond.  We began this relationship in 2012. Though there were many, many needs, our parish chose education as our #1 priority, realizing that the future of Lalomas could be improved with educated children. Led by the Holy Spirit, the child sponsorship program began in 2013. As a result, in three short years, St. Joseph School has gone from grades K-6 (2012) to K-9 (2016).  OUR CURRENT SPONSORS HAVE MADE A DIFFERENCE!  As well, when we began this relationship there were 1,300 children in the school, and to date there are nearly 1,700. THE CHILDREN NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE, consider sponsoring a child or a classroom. $240.00 per year, or $20.00 per month.
**Note:  since trips are taken on a regular basis, you are often able to receive photos and exchange letters with your sponsored child. Perhaps your child or family would like a pen pal : ) **If you would like information on the next trip to Lalomas, which is Sept. 2017, please call me at 270-929-2740 It will change your life !! ~Lavida Mischel