Fr. Carl McCarthy


When Mary Magdalene went to the tomb on that first Easter Morning she found the stone had been rolled away. On seeing this she ran back to where the other disciples had gathered and told them that the stone had been rolled away and that Jesus was gone. With this news a couple of the disciples ran to the tomb to see for themselves and to try and figure out what had happened to Him. Once at the tomb they began to put it together that Jesus had Risen!  The joy of the resurrection was shared with us from those first disciples. What the disciples did was witness and begin to tell others what they had seen – that Jesus had risen from the dead! It is because of their first witness that we too know that Jesus has risen from the dead.  Our role as baptized Christians is to continue to witness to this resurrection joy. On this Easter Sunday I would like to share with you a witness that I received from one of our parishioners, Denise Jarboe. I found this witness on my Facebook page and the responses that followed this post. My encouragement to all of us in this Easter Time is to witness and share the resurrection with others. It is only when we share the resurrection with another that His joy will extend to all the ends of the earth.
Fr. Carl
You know what FILLS MY CUP? My church. Not just Fr Carl McCarthy, not just its undeniable beauty and history. Not just the mass itself. Not just the incredible music and choir with whom the ENTIRE congregation is singing along. Not just the people, the spirits, in it. EVERYTHING about it.  It is amazing to feel this way
after literally a lifetime of being Catholic, knowing many who have walked away or grown distant from it – I’ve had my own moments for sure.  There is an older couple in our church who brought up the gifts today, and I couldn’t help but to tear up seeing the joy on their faces. She just became Catholic last Easter and he will in just two weeks. Their utter joy at every mass is worth it for me but luckily there’s so much more. It’s truly a family and I never regret it.  There are far too many of my Facebook friends to list who are also members of Sts. Joseph and Paul, but you know who you are. Thank you for being part of this 2nd family that I love. Fr Carl’s homily this week is to go be the resurrection for others. Lift them up. Don’t focus on your own troubles.  We are so Blessed because we believe. I am so fortunate to work for a Catholic family who makes it part of our day to lift others up. It’s what we do ❤ but I can always do more. –
Denise Jarboe – Facebook – April 2, 2017