Fr. Carl McCarthy


     There are 2 staff announcements that I would like to share with our parish. The first is that our Minister of Music, Doug Claybrook, will be leaving our parish effective June 30, 2017. Doug joined our team in May of 2016 and brought abundant musical skills to our Liturgy. After being with us a year, Doug and his wife Shelly, have decided that they should return to Waco, Texas, to be closer to their family.
The second staff announcement is that our Hispanic Minister, Sr. Pilar, will be leaving our parish effective June 30, 2017. Sr. Pilar joined our team in October of 2014 and has brought a great spirit of Evangelization to the Hispanic Community. Sr. Pilar will be returning to her hometown of Puebla, Mexico, where she will be the principal of a 600 student Catholic school.  On behalf of the entire parish I want to thank both Doug and Sr. Pilar for their ministry and service to our faith community of Sts. Joseph and Paul. I also want to ask our parish to pray for them in their journey and ask that God bestow His abundant grace and blessings on their future endeavors.  We have already begun an active search for their replacements.  You can see the job posting on the Diocese of Owensboro’s Website at,, bulletins and diocesan newspapers around the region. As well, the music ministry position is posted on the National Catholic Musician webpage, If you know of someone who may be interested in either of these positions they can send a resume, a cover letter, and 3 letters of references to our search teams, in care of Ashley Wilkerson, 609 East 4th St., Owensboro KY. 42303 and Inquirers can also call Ashley Wilkerson at 270-683-5641.
 In addition to these staff announcements, I would like to extend a warm welcome to Fr. Augusty, who arrived in our parish this past Sunday afternoon. Fr. Augusty will be joining our pastoral team as he begins a 3 year process to become a priest of our diocese.  Fr. Augusty will be in our parish from now until January, 2018 and will be assisting during my time away on sabbatical, which begins August 1st.  I will be returning the First Sunday of Advent, December 3, 2017.
– Fr. Carl.
DO YOU HAVE PAINTING EXPERIENCE? We have several painting
projects that we would like to accomplish this summer in our
parish. If you have experience in painting and can assist, please call
our parish office at 270-683-5641 and ask for Kelly Ward