On air, online and now in your bulletin. Over the past few weeks I have been all over the airwaves and networks promoting our New Home Raffle.  Last Monday, I, along with Keith Osborne from Owensboro Catholic Schools, made our way over to WEHT 25 in Henderson for their Eyewitness News Extra show that airs in the 8 am hour. While there, we also did a taping for their Lifesyles show that airs in the 11:30 am hour that they played the next day. I certainly want to thank all of those who told me that I looked good on TV, but trust me I am not going to give up my day job! Along with the TV gig, I have been out to WBKR right here in Owensboro to do the Morning Drive Show with Chad and Angel, which was also a lot of fun.  I realize that these media personalities are getting paid to do what they are doing in helping us to promote our cause. Yet, in all honestly I see that they are genuinely interested in what we are doing in our parish to help promote our local Catholic School System. I believe their interest comes from them wanting to see our local c o m m u n i t y succeed and thrive in all of its endeavors of making our community a better and stronger place to live and call home.  The enthusiasm that I experience from our media partners inspires me. I am hoping that translates to inspiring all in our parish to get behind this New Home Raffle.  Again, we are raffling off a brand new Martin Custom built home valued at $200,000. This home is located at 4135 Mayflower Drive in the Bon Harbor Subdivision on Owensboro’s west side.  We have 4,000 tickets to sell and to date we are happy to say that we have sold around 1,350.
This project has the possibility of earning Sts. Joseph and Paul and Owensboro Catholic Schools $180,000.  Yet, the only way we are going to realize this goal is to have your help in selling and purchasing tickets. Tickets can be picked up to sell after Sunday Mass, at our parish office, and at Owensboro Catholic Schools main office. Tickets are $100 and the drawing is on March 18, 2017 at 10:00 am in our Parish Hall.
Thank you for all that you are doing for this project and for how you assist our parish in doing everyday as “We give our hearts to God and our talents to his people.”
You might also want to continue to look and listen for me on air and online as we work to make this New Home Raffle a great success. And again, don’t worry, I won’t give up my day job.
 Fr. Carl McCarthy