Middle & High School Youth Code of Conduct Agreement

  • The Offices of Catholic Schools, Faith Formation and Youth Ministry provide opportunities that allow young people from all over the Diocese of Owensboro to be educated, grow in their faith, have a fun time, and form Christian friendships. All that we do stems from our belief in Jesus Christ and the following of his teachings. Therefore, we have certain expectations of the children, youth, and adults who participate. To ensure a safe and enjoyable time for everyone, the following policies are in effect for all parish, school, and diocesan-sponsored activities with youth

  • I understand that any action inconsistent with this Code of Conduct may result in appropriate disciplinary action.
  • The Diocesan Policy states, “at least two supervising adults should be present when there is only one minor, and at least two participants should be present when there is only one supervisory adult.” Please explain this to the child. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to see that youth arrive and are picked up at designated times to avoid violation of the above mentioned policy. This also applies to teens who drive themselves.

  • --For school events if the teacher, staff contact, or an adult supervisor is in attendance, that person should keep this form. If youth are not accompanied by school representative, then forms should be forwarded to appropriate school office PRIOR to event.

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