Please contact us and request to receive a Safe Environment Packet in the mail with all the materials you will need. Thank you for helping us to protect the most vulnerable among us.




No one should have to live with abuse, and the Diocese of Owensboro, in keeping with the laws of Kentucky and of the Church, encourages any victim of sexual abuse to make the abuse known by contacting local law enforcement (911), the Child Protection Hotline 1-877-KYSAFE (1-877-597-2331 toll free).  If the abuse involves Church personnel, either paid or volunteer, please also contact the Diocese’s Pastoral Assistance Coordinator at the confidential phone line: (270) 852-8380, to make a report and begin the healing process.  The diocese’s commitment to combat sexual abuse concerns can be noted in its revised sexual abuse policy, effective July 1st, 2014, can be found the diocesan website,