Education Committee:

Parish Council Liaison – Kalyn Frizzell
This committee is responsible for determining the goals and objectives to meet the educational needs of the entire parish community. Committee members shall consist of people who have a sincere interest in pursuing their own faith formation and are concerned about the broad educational mission of the Church. All members of the Faith Community 21 years of age and older are eligible to be a part of this ministry.

Faith Formation

Religious Education“We believe that the aim of catechesis is to bring people into a mature communion and intimacy with Jesus Christ through the community of faith, leading to a profession of belief in the Trinity (CT, no. 5; GDC, nos. 80, 82).

We believe that faith is to be believed, celebrated, lived and prayed. It is a call to integral Christian education” (GDC, no. 122). The fundamental tasks of catechesis include promoting knowledge of faith, liturgical education, moral formation, education on how to pray, education for community life, and missionary initiation (GDC, nos. 85-86). Catechesis shapes the minds, hearts, and spirits of believers, forming them as disciples (GDC, no. 87).

“We believe that catechesis proclaims the binding gospel values that exist for all people. These values flow from the gift of faith received at baptism and nurtured through all stages of catechesis. The development of Christian norms and values can never be considered complete for any individual; it depends upon a continuing process of faith development, which deepens as maturity increases.”

In Support of Catechetical Ministry
Issued by NCCB/USCC, June 16, 2000
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Religious Education is a lifetime journey for everyone – at every age and stage of life. Religious formation occurs within a family and community context. Our adult education programs assist adults in becoming aware of their identity as baptized Christians and members of a global community. Our Faith Formation classes and Sacramental Preparation of children complements this essential responsibility of the family and community.